BVN Team

Thank you for being a part of our Birmingham Community!

Young Women’s BVN #31

November 10-12, 2023

Springville Camp & Conference Center

Thank You for being a part of our Weekend Teams!

We are so blessed to have each of you working on our BVN weekends. It takes a full team of youth and adults to be Christ’s Hands in Action, and make each weekend a run the way God intends.

Here are some general guidelines for all team members. If we follow them they will enhance our ability to minister to the candidates and foster the spirit of idealism, cooperation, and love.

Team Member Forms

All team is required to fill out the following forms before working each BVN weekend.

We are only accepting online forms. These forms can be filled out on a computer, tablet, or phone. We will also have computers available at the team meetings if you do not have access to one.

Please use the buttons below to fill out these forms.

1. Team Information and Medical Release

(Please note if you are on a special diet, you must provide for your meals. BVN kitchen will not provide them for you.)

2. Team Background Check

Must be filled out by all team each weekend over the age of 19

 Team Fees

All fees must be paid a before you can work the weekend. These fees can be paid online, or by cash or check.

We also have t-shirts and palanca,  options available in to be paid along with team fees.

Please use the button below to pay your team fees or use the BVN shop page.

VN Section Locations

Young Men’s BVN# 31

November 17-19, 2023

Springville Camp & Conference Center

3. Team Medication Form

Required for all team under 19 that will be taking medication during the weekend.
Please complete this form for ALL MEDICATIONS your candidate/team member will be taking as needed at BVN weekend including over the counter medications or cold, inhalers, ect.
NOTE: This form and medication must accompany your candidate to BVN weekend only if he/she is taking any medication during the weekend.

BVN #31 Team Meeting Dates & Locations


These meetings are only for team members working the current weekends.


Our Weekend Location is Springville Camp & Conference

Located at: 3886 Mountain View Rd., Odenville, AL 35120.

Phone: (205) 629-6279

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Springville Camp