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What is the Purpose of Vida Nueva?

The purpose of the Birmingham Vida Nueva’s chapter is to bring young people to Christ through Christian Apostolic Action.  This encompasses the Community’s work in all environments of which its members are a part.  The members of the Community isolate many objectives to accomplish this goal.  One of these objectives is to develop and sustain young Christian leaders.  Critical to the development of young Christian leaders is the three-day Vida Nueva experience, also referred to as the “Weekend”. 

What does of Vida Nueva mean?

The meaning is “New Life” in Spanish. It is two three day weekends, held separately for young women and young men. This provides a weekend of living in a Christian Community with a clear and obvious experience of Christ working in today’s world.

What happens on a Vida Nueva Weekend?

VN begins on Friday evening, and ends on Sunday afternoon, with closing activities beginning around 4:30 P.M. VN presents the basics of Christian life, and the meaning of living the Christian ideal, and its application in our daily lives. VN is centered on lay and clergy talks. Each talk is then discussed in small table groups. The basic atmosphere of VN is one of love, Christian fellowship, singing, laughing, and worship.

Who is the Organization?

Birmingham Vida Nueva is part of a Larger international group that consists of 21 communities. We follow the guidelines set by our friends at the VN headquarters. Find out more about the VN community by visiting www.vidanueva.net.

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