Birmingham Vida Nueva

BVN is a community dedicated to giving teens an opportunity to experience God in an intimate setting. Each three-day weekend is focused on providing moments where God can be seen and heard through our Christian brothers and sisters and His Word.

Join Us for BVN #32

We have our next set of weekends starting in April. Please check our current weekend page for more details.


BVN is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations we receive are tax deductible.

Weekend Times

Our three day weekends start at 5pm on Friday and ends at 3:30 pm on Sunday.

Weekend Location

Our Birmingham Vida Nueva weekends are held at Springville Camp & Conference Center in Odenville Alabama.


All teen candidates must be sponsored by a member of the BVN, Tres-Dias, Emmaus Walk or similar organization.


BVN is for teens from 15-20 years old. Applications are required to attend.

Team Members

Our team consists of adult and other youth volunteers that have previously attended Tres Dias, Vida Nueva or Emmaus Walk.

What is Purpose of Vida Nueva?

Vida Nueva is a youth weekend for young men and women, from the age 15 to 20, which aims to concentrate closely on the person and teaching of Jesus Christ. Vida Nueva explores basic Christian beliefs to provide those who attend the weekend a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Christ, as they share, and experience His love in a dynamic way.

What does Vida Nueva mean?

 The meaning is “New Life” in Spanish. It is two three day weekends, held separately for young women and young men. This provides a weekend of living in a Christian Community with a clear and obvious experience of Christ working in today’s world.

What Happens on the weekend?

Vida Nueva begins on Friday evening, and ends the following Sunday afternoon.. Vida Nueva presents the basics of Christian life, and the meaning of living the Christian ideal, and its application in our daily lives. The basic atmosphere of Vida Nueva is one of love, Christian fellowship, singing, laughing, and worship.

Who is the Organization?

Birmingham Vida Nueva is part a larger international group that consists of 21 communities. We follow the guidelines set by our friends at the Veda Nueva headquarters. Find out more about the VN community by visiting

International Communities

International Vida Nueva Years of Service

Birmingham Vida Nueva Years of Service

Birmingham Vida Nueva Candidates

Sponsor a Candidate

Each of the teens who participate in the weekend need to have the weekend cost paid for, please help them by providing a donation toward their weekend.

Weekend Fundraisers

We have a variety of fundraising opportunities available to help fund our BVN weekends.

Cookbooks, T-shirts, and more to come!

Upcoming Weekend News

Young Women's BVN #32

Get more details here!

Upcoming Weekend Dates

Young Women: April 26-28, 2024

Young Men: May 3-5, 2024

Team Meetings

Sun., March 17 @ Bradford Rd. Church – 3-6pm

Tues. April 2 @ Metro Church – 6-8 pm

Sun. April 14 @ Metro Church – 3-6 pm

Sun, April 21 @ Bradford Rd. Church – 3-6 pm

Sequela for BVN #32

Where: TBD

When: TBD

BVN Council

List and locations general meeting

Young Men's BVN #32

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Weekend Details