BVN #25 Boston Butt Sale

Here are some fun details about this fundraiser!

Boston Butt Fundraiser



Join our Boston Butt fundraiser and earn money toward your team fee.

The Boston Butts sell for $35.00 and orders must be in by October 21st.

They can be purchased in the BVN shop, just make sure

your customers fill out team member name for the sale

so we can credit the proper account.

Boston Butts will be available for pick-up at the last team meeting

on October 27th at The Church at Bradford Road. (They must be picked up by 12:30 pm)

You only have to sell 13 Boston butts to earn your entire team fee.

For each Boston Butt sold you will earn $10 toward your team fee.

Each Boston butt sold over 13, is helping BVN cover the cost

of the Early Bird Special for candidates. BVN must still pay $42.50

of the candidate fee for each early bird special, so any extra  you sell

will help fund our weekend candidates.

Link to Boston Butt Sale:

Link to BVN Shop: