3D Tumbler Sale

Here are some fun details about this fundraiser!

Join our 3D Tumbler fundraiser and earn money toward your team fee.

 The Tumbler order forms and payment must be in by October 27th.

Each team member will get a sample tumbler and order forms at the team meetings.

 The order forms include all of the College, NFL, MLB, NHL and US Military designs that are available with their product number and cost. The team will collect payment with each order by cash, checks (Made out to BVN) or assist customers by paying online in the BVN shop.

Every order must be filled out on each team member’s order form, even if a customer is paying online.

The packages range from $20-$34, and you will earn $5 toward your team fee for each pack sold.

 Tumbler orders will be distributed for pick-up at the sequella on Nov. 17th @ Metro Church from 11am-2pm.

If you sell 5 sets you can keep your sample tumbler, if not it will need to be returned to BVN.

You only have to sell 25 tumbler sets to earn your entire team fee.

Each fundraising item sold over the cost of your team fee will help BVN cover the cost of the Early Bird Special for candidates and pay for weekend supplies.

Link to BVN Shop: https://bhamvn.com/bvn-shop/ 

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